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Talks by Phiroz Mehta

After hearing Phiroz Mehta speak at the Buddhist Society, the Venerable Paññāvaddho said to him, “You have an unusual gift for putting things across. You should form a group to help people understand the background to Buddhism.”

Always a man of humility, Phiroz was reluctant: “It is true that I can manage to present things, but this gives people a mistaken impression. They think I know a great deal, but in fact I do not.”

Eventually pursuaded, Phiroz began holding meetings at Dilkusha, his home in London.

He had the foresight to tape-record his talks, and you will find them all in this section.

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Historical Background to Hinduism and Buddhism (II)

Phiroz Mehta talking at Dilkusha, Forest Hill, London on 5th November 1972.

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Be Awake Now!

A short talk Phiroz Mehta gave to the Buddhist Society.

The Inner Silence

Rare footage of Phiroz Mehta speaking at the 1987 Buddhist Summer School.

What do we Mean by Meditation?

Preliminary stages, the importance of attentiveness, and healing the mind.


The One Total Reality comes to fruition through man — there is nothing for me.

The Meaning and Purpose of Yoga

Phiroz Mehta discusses the eight aspects of Yoga.

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