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The Park Place Summer School Talks

Learning: Discipleship: SilenceGiven on 8th May 1974

Lynchpin of Religion: Discipline: Maturing of the Mind: FreedomGiven on 9th May 1974

The Nature of Meditation (II)Given on 9th May 1974

Mindfulness: Growing to Egohood and Egoless Being: Sense Pleasures and VāsanāsGiven on 10th May 1974

Discussion: Drive and Desire: The Art of ConversationGiven on 10th May 1974

“Put Aside with Right Wisdom”: Emptying the Mind: SelflessnessGiven on 11th May 1974

The Zodiac (III)Given on 11th May 1974

Mūlādhāra to SahasrāraGiven on 13th May 1974

Qualities of the TeachersGiven on 13th May 1974

Adam, Eve, and EdenGiven on 14th May 1974

Indra, Ahi-Vṛtra, and BudhnyaGiven on 14th May 1974

Discussion: LoveGiven on 14th May 1974

Yama: Avasthās: JhānaSamāpattiGiven on 15th May 1974

Meditation: Sīlas: Mettā: Karuṇā: Śānti: Earth: Patience: ForbearanceGiven on 15th May 1974

“Whatsoever Begins… Ends” — Farewell Address — Meditation — MettāGiven on 16th May 1974

Do We Know Each Other?Given on 23rd May 1975

Love: Worship: PrayerGiven on 24th May 1975

Really LookingGiven on 24th May 1975

Divine LoveGiven on 25th May 1975

An Exercise in HarmonyGiven on 25th May 1975

The Death of the KnownGiven on 26th May 1975

Transcendent Mind: Supreme CommunionGiven on 27th May 1975

Love, Sex, CelibacyGiven on 27th May 1975

The Silence Speaks to UsGiven on 29th May 1975

Our Power of Attentiveness is our Instrument of SalvationGiven on 29th May 1975

Earth Meditation: Meditative WalkingGiven on 15th June 1976

Self DisciplineGiven on 15th June 1976

The Divine NamesGiven on 16th June 1976

Discussion: Words: Compassion: HealingGiven on 16th June 1976

Yoga: Mantras, Use and MisuseGiven on 16th June 1976

The Qabalah (I)Given on 17th June 1976

The Qabalah (II)Given on 17th June 1976

Questions: The Family: The Ancient Wisdom: True CompassionGiven on 17th June 1976

Hindu and Buddhist Presentations of the SelfGiven on 19th June 1976

Learning by Growing HappilyGiven on 19th June 1976

Discussion: A New Conception of Matter: The Life/Other Life Pulse: AlonenessGiven on 19th June 1976

States of AwarenessGiven on 19th June 1976

The Zodiac (IV)Given on 20th June 1976

Questions: Joy and Sorrow: Power: The Genius of Beethoven: DeathGiven on 20th June 1976

The CakrasGiven on 20th June 1976

The Learning, the Working and the GrowingGiven on 21st June 1976

Learning HappilyGiven on 16th May 1977

Holy Day (I)Given on 17th May 1977

Let There be Total Seeing, Total Hearing: Meditative WalkingGiven on 17th May 1977

Holy Day (II)Given on 18th May 1977

Questions: Energy: Power: Self-Centredness: Suffering: The GoalGiven on 18th May 1977

Every Day is a Holy DayGiven on 19th May 1977

SpeechGiven on 21st May 1977

Discussion: Anger: Energy: Yama and Naciketas: The Fear of DeathGiven on 21st May 1977

Holy Day (III)Given on 22nd May 1977

Discussion: DoubtGiven on 22nd May 1977

The Miracle that can Manifest through ManGiven on 23rd May 1977