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The Dilkusha Talks

The Infinite is not a Reward — It Is!Given on 22nd June 1969

Just Be AwareGiven on 20th July 1969

The Nature of our Fundamental BeliefsGiven on 28th September 1969

Sorrow and SufferingGiven on 23rd November 1969

Perfect Understanding of SorrowGiven on 6th December 1969

The Realization of TruthGiven on 31st January 1970

PowerGiven on 21st March 1970

The Festive SeasonGiven on 2nd December 1990

Stages of HappinessGiven on 13th January 1991

This World of SaṃsāraGiven on 17th February 1991

Truth: Goodness: BeautyGiven on 21st April 1991