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The Yoga Talks

Questions: Practice of Yoga in the World: Asceticism: Sleep: Food: DeathGiven on 7th April 1971

The Meaning and Purpose of YogaGiven on 7th April 1971

Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Yoga (II): Questions: Māya: The Wandering Mind: Meditation: Good SenseGiven on 14th April 1971

Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Yoga (I): Questions: Commonsense and Good Sense: Psychotherapy and Yoga: The JoiningGiven on 14th April 1971

Questions: Consciousness and Death: Physical Exercise and Meditation: Mantras: Identity of ReligionsGiven on 1st November 1971

Yoga: The Cakras and the Transformation of ConsciousnessGiven on 1st November 1971

Yoga Teachers MeetingGiven on 18th February 1976

Yoga: The Cakras: Śiva-ŚaktiGiven on 11th December 1976

The Origin and Development of Yoga: The Yoga UpaniṣadsGiven on 11th December 1976

The Worldling and the Yogi: Questions: Meditation: Aversion: Evil: Satan: Judas IscariotGiven on 10th December 1977

Yoga: Its Full Meaning and PurposeGiven on 5th May 1978

Questions: Yoga in Daily LifeGiven on 9th December 1978

Yoga in Daily LifeGiven on 9th December 1978