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Our charity promotes the study and practise of the world’s great religions and the art of religious living, which is truly Human Living. We do not aim to make converts or list things in which to believe.

Our founder Phiroz Mehta insisted that he be regarded not as a guru or leader of any movement, but essentially as a fellow student. He regarded every person as being unique, discovering truth through his or her own way of life.

We hope our books, talks and articles will aid you on your journey.

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Religiousness: Implications of Sīla and Samādhi

Phiroz Mehta talking at Dilkusha, Forest Hill, London on 9th January 1977.

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Phiroz Mehta talking at the 1987 Buddhist Society Summer School.

Claudia Malkovich reading part of a talk that Phiroz gave on his 87th birthday.

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University of Roehampton Research Project on the work of Phiroz Mehta

Dr. Karen O’Brien-Kop seeks to assess his impact upon public knowledge and discourses about yoga and meditation.


A talk given by Phiroz Mehta.

Christian Culture — A Way of Life for All?

A lecture delivered by Phiroz Mehta as part of a conference on ‘Christianity and Politics’.

Reflection by Kingfisher

Is a candle burning brightly glowing in the stillness, giving a feeling of warmth and security? With the passing of time, it will flicker and dance with uncertainty and may even be extinguished, exposed to the windmills of the Mind.


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