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Closure of the Phiroz Mehta Trust

It is with a sense of sadness, regret and our happy memories, that the trustees have no choice other than to unanimously agree that the Phiroz Mehta Trust will no longer be able to continue. This is due to the senior age of three of our trustees, with their associated age-related health conditions, that regrettably present no other option.

In due course changes will be made to our website, Being Truly Human, and publicised in our final newsletter, to inform all visitors and readers that we are no longer allowed to accept any donations in any form as we abide by Charity Commission rules, and we will remove links of communication relating to the charity, including our charitable registration number.

Finally, by the end of July 2022 the website will be complete and no further updates, or additional subjects, will be required. It will be frozen in a time capsule for at least the next five years. In this state of undisturbed peace, it will be accessible to our members and others to reap and gather the harvest of philosophical insights of wisdom that our founder, Phiroz Mehta has offered in this festival of oneness.

Each person is unique. Their enquiring minds can read, listen, or download in whatever form they wish, in their own moments of time. To conclude: Our individual journeys continue in harmony with ‘Being Truly Human’.

George Piggott

The Way

The way to the eternal home!
But the home is nowhere, and it is everywhere.
And the way has neither beginning nor ending.

With the heart lighted by love,
and the mind shining with understanding,
the way is the way of constant action,
the action which is peace and beauty.

Moving, it stands still; resting it spans the world.

Like the bud which is here-now,
and its Blossoming, here-now,
the whole way is here-now.

Phiroz Mehta


This website promotes the study and practise of the world’s great religions and the art of religious living, which is truly Human Living. It does not aim to make converts or list things in which to believe.

The website features the works of Phiroz Mehta, who insisted that he be regarded not as a guru or leader of any movement, but essentially as a fellow student. He regarded every person as being unique, discovering truth through his or her own way of life.

We hope his books, talks and articles will aid you on your journey.

No further updates will be made to the website as it is now an archive.

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Living in Communion — We Have the Power to Choose

Phiroz Mehta talking at Elmau, Bavaria on 24th September 1976.

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Phiroz Mehta talking at the 1987 Buddhist Society Summer School.

Claudia Malkovich reading part of a talk that Phiroz gave on his 87th birthday.

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Closure of the Phiroz Mehta Trust

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Website Developer and Archivist

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