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The Elmau School Talks

What It Means to be HumanGiven on 15th September 1974

“Adam, Where Art Thou?”Given on 3rd April 1975

The Divine CreationGiven on 3rd April 1975

The Earth MeditationGiven on 4th April 1975

One’s Own Being is One’s Proper PathGiven on 4th April 1975

The Happiness of the Religious LifeGiven on 5th April 1975

“Just the Path is Enlightenment: Just Enlightenment is the Path”Given on 5th April 1975

The Profound Significance of the Crucifixion: The Supreme RelinquishmentGiven on 6th April 1975

The Sacrifice of the Body: The Denudation of the MindGiven on 6th April 1975

Your Living Being is the Holy CupGiven on 7th April 1975

The Meaning of the SilenceGiven on 7th April 1975

In the House of Life is a Door named DeathGiven on 8th April 1975

Some Practical Aspects of Living the Religious LifeGiven on 8th April 1975

What do we Mean by Meditation?Given on 19th September 1975

HappinessGiven on 19th September 1975

Meditation and Meditative Walking (I)Given on 20th September 1975

PurificationGiven on 20th September 1975

Meditation and Meditative Walking (II)Given on 21st September 1975

Look WithinGiven on 21st September 1975

Complete Attention: Meditation and Meditative WalkingGiven on 22nd September 1975

Let the Light ShineGiven on 22nd September 1975

Living in Communion — We Have the Power to ChooseGiven on 24th September 1976

Meditative Walking: Allowing Communion to EmergeGiven on 24th September 1976

Meditative Walking: Taking in All that is PresentGiven on 25th September 1976

Divine LoveGiven on 25th September 1976

Our Touch with the Universal Mother: Meditative WalkingGiven on 26th September 1976

Living Fully as the True HumanGiven on 26th September 1976

Right Happiness: Meditative WalkingGiven on 27th September 1976

The True IndividualGiven on 27th September 1976

Why Do We Come to Elmau?: Meditative WalkingGiven on 22nd September 1977

Let There be Listening, Looking, without JudgementGiven on 22nd September 1977

The Human — The Happy CreatorGiven on 23rd September 1977

The Beauty, the Marvel of DeathGiven on 23rd September 1977

The Eternal Song of LifeGiven on 24th September 1977

Mind is Transcendence MeditatingGiven on 24th September 1977

The State of InnocenceGiven on 25th September 1977

The Waters of Eternal LifeGiven on 25th September 1977

The Supreme SufferingGiven on 21st September 1978

What is Mind?Given on 22nd September 1978

The Illusion of the Personal EntityGiven on 23rd September 1978

The Power of Divine LoveGiven on 24th September 1978

Living in Harmony with NatureGiven on 6th October 1979

UnknowingGiven on 7th October 1979

Happiness and SufferingGiven on 16th June 1980

“Man Verily is God: God Verily is Man”Given on 17th June 1980