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The Being Truly Human newsletter featured articles and talks from Phiroz Mehta and other authors.

It is no longer published, but you will find a complete archive of every issue in this section.

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Closure of the Phiroz Mehta Trust

The Heart of Religion Online

Phiroz Mehta interprets the meaning of spiritual evolution in this free e-book.

Research Project on the Work of Phiroz Mehta

Dr. Karen O’Brien-Kop explores the impact of Phiroz Mehta’s works on notions of spirituality in the UK.

Communion and Communication in the Religious Life

Part 2 of an article written by Sylvia Swain in 2002.

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Featured articles

The Religious Life: A Psychological Perspective

Sylvia Swain studies the Jungian psychological models.

Health and the Spiritual Life

Explore the link between physical health and spiritual wellbeing.

Childhood Memories of Phiroz

William Grice recalls his earliest memories of Phiroz Mehta.

Asoka, the Philosopher Emperor

Phiroz Mehta explores Indian social and political history.

The Importance of Birthdays

Claudia Malkovich reads part of Phiroz Mehta’s 87th birthday talk.


Jacqueline Grice explains the techniques used to write icons.

Zen Meditation

An introduction to basic Zen meditation principles and practice by Ron Martin.


A small selection of Reflections by Kingfisher.

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