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Dear Rosemary, Ursula, Tim, George and all: Thank you all so much for enriching my life with the Phiroz Mehta Trust newsletter for many years, so it is with sadness to hear that it will now have to cease. We are all getting on since the remarkable days of Phiroz’s talks at Dilkusha, but thanks to your dedication and great kindness his wisdom has been documented and preserved, and will always be a source for people to access his gentle wisdom. My best wishes to you all and hope you continue to find enrichment and joy in your lives.

Robin Bath, 6th September 2022

I’m so sorry to read of the closing of the Trust. Much saddened, indeed. I shall miss the wonderful Being Truly Human newsletters terribly. However, even as we age, and I’m (unbelievably) into the eighth decade now, there are definitely subtle changes taking place in body and mind, and all of this is preparation for the next phase. And Phiroz’s teachings are a Being Truly Human guide for me, encompassing all that is contained within them, and expressed in the beautiful poem “The Way” on the cover of the final issue. Well chosen, and perfect. I shall miss the Reflections by Kingfisher, too. Kingfisher almost always had the last word, or reflection, on page 8! In fact, all the issues of Being Truly Human have provided profound Satori, the silent illumination in our hearts and minds. I send my love and best wishes to Rosemary, to Tim, and all who created the Phiroz Mehta Trust for the extension worldwide of Phiroz’s teachings, talks, his books, and kept his memory alive for all of us — even for those, like me, who did not have a chance to meet him. But I was fortunate, in 2015, to be able to attend the Summer School, and to have a closer ‘feel’ of getting to know more about Phiroz through his innermost core of disciples. This was wonderful for me. Regrettably I have not had another opportunity to attend another since; not even to the Buddhist Society Summer Schools. Thank you for all your hard work of keeping us informed each quarter.

Betty Warrington-Kearsley, 29th August 2022

“Satori” “Silent Illumination”. Questions and Answers Cease. End of That Journey.

Kingfisher, 13th July 2022

“May They Come Upon The Secret And Rejoice!”

George Piggott, 9th July 2022

What a great resource to have during Covid-19. Thank you.

Tom, 2nd April 2020

For the sake of all of the world’s children keep the website alive and active and contributing to the expansion of tolerant pluralism.

Ronald Bruce White, 8th July 2019

Have been listening every evening, lovely.

Tom, 7th February 2019

At last the great work is done — I mean the completion of the recording of most if not all of Phiroz Mehta onto the computer, thus facillitating his gems of insight to a wider listening public. I personally listen to one of his talks most days time permitting; they are an inspiration. He truly was a great teacher. I know he never looked on himself as such, but it is only fitting they be kept for posterity. I never met him personally but through his books and these talks you get a glimpse into the way things really are… Thank you to all involved.

David, 6th February 2011

This beautiful site will change lives; it changed mine.

William Grice, 11th December 2010

Change moment to moment is inevitable, this website now has a new look, reflecting this movement. Pause, observe, ponder and reflect in your quiet moments, is all that is required. Our appreciation to those that undertook this project.

‘Kingfisher’, 29th November 2010

I would like to be able to listen to a talk by specifying the actual talk number, e.g. D306, or date of talk eg. 29/4/75. Also would like to be able to scroll down a full list rather than keep clicking on next page. Basically, the search facility is cumbersome, at least for me. Thank you.

Liz David, 23rd August 2009

Now I’m starting to understand the meaning of “life is eternal”, although physically he is not with us today, his thoughts and words still triggered something within. There is only one universal mind, these daily talks help individuals to connect and realise what we already have. Thanks for sharing the words of Wisdom.

Jean-Paul, 15th April 2009

Este website é maravilhoso estou sempre nele gosto muito dos talks, espero ouvir e ler todos eles, descupe este comentario em portugues, mais esta é a minha lingua de nascimento, eu amo este site espero que ele continue alcançando todos aqueles que ja estão prontos para a sabedoria de Phiroz Mehta este homen continua sendo um sabio, um coração e uma voz preciosa para toda a humanidade,parabens a todos voces por este grandioso trabalho, muito obrigado, tenho certeza que ele continuara sendo uma. [English translation via Google Translate: This website is wonderful I’m always on it I really like the talks, I hope to hear and read them all, sorry for this comment in Portuguese, but this is my birth language, I love this site I hope it continues to reach all those who are ready to the wisdom of Phiroz Mehta this man remains a wise man, a heart and a precious voice for all humanity, congratulations to all of you for this great work, thank you very much, I’m sure he will continue to be one.]

Marcos Gualberto, 11th March 2009

A real spiritual and universal inspiration: Wisdom without boundaries in the light of unity.

Adalberto Zappala, 2nd January 2009

Cool site.

Pat, 2nd January 2009

São palavras de um sabio, sou muito grato pelo web site e´a visão de um homen que realizou Deus. [English translation via Google Translate: These are the words of a wise man, I am very grateful for the web site and the vision of a man who realized God.]

Marcos Gualberto, 19th September 2008

Everlasting thanks to those who preserved these spiritual talks.

Kathie, 17th October 2007

I am writing this follow up of my last email.I still listen to them almost everyday.His thoughts are very inciteful with deep meaning. You can understand the depth only if you can open the doors and windows of the preconceived and dogmatic mind. His talks are thought provoking and peace seeking for me in my quest for peace.

K. P. Reddy, 3rd September 2007

I was looking for some knowledge to help me in most difficult times of my life. I a from India land full of scriptures and wisdom. I went on the internet looking for sites. I am fortunate that I found Mr. Mehta’s website this is almost one year ago. I have been listening to his site almost everday. I have understood fro his talks that we are all divine beings but misguided and covered by self and external world and caught up in “isms” and dogmatic ideas that my “isms” are better than yours.

K. P. Reddy, 26th July 2007

Fantastic! I love this site. Thank you.

Juan Francisco Lopez, 21st May 2007


George Albert Sanguinetti, 19th March 2007

I am delighted to find this website. Over many years I have returned time and again to Phiroz Mehta’s book “The Heart of Religion” to draw upon the wisdom contained in it. It is a truly inspiring book of wonderful scope and depth.

David Mc Dowell, 12th January 2007

Pleased… we must eat to live, not live to eat, for the body is a rotory through which we grasp the catharsis to come into a divine light or enlightenment.

Dauid Ashi Rama, 13th September 2006

I liked your site.

Peter Jones, 1st August 2006

There is always something with which I can to relate to in my life in these daily talks. Thank you for broadcasting them.

An anonymous visitor, 30th July 2006

I am so grateful to have discovered the daily talks of Phiroz Mehta. His words are alive and open something alive in me.

Angela Peachey, 30th June 2006

One of his best lectures I’ve heard so far. Well worth listening to twice, I may add.

Dr. Gary W Pearson, 31st December 2005

I am in Florida, deeply thankful for this site. A Blessing it is.

Gita, 19th November 2005

With deep insight he has revealed the truth. Thank you.

An anonymous visitor, 24th August 2005

With deep insight he has revealed the truth. Thank you.

An anonymous visitor, 18th August 2005

Hello! I am Jasmila Palmieri of Brazil. I heard for my computer to radio of you and I was happy in knowing that there you increase Christ’s name. That God blesses us!!!

Jasmila Palmieri Da Silva, 6th August 2005

Thank you.

An anonymous visitor, 31st July 2005

These talks are brilliant! Thank you Phiroz Mehta for your insights into the dharma.

David, 29th July 2005

The work of the spirit continues. Thank you for making these talks available on the net.

David Mackie, 27th July 2005

Very helpful to my practice — thank you.

David Mackie, 26th July 2005

How quaint a speech it was, half the world starves, whilst the other half watches on tv, no compassion here, the suicide bomber giving his all, he has more profound existentialism than this empty talker.

Peter, 9th July 2005

Thank you for the web site. It is a great inspiration to my daily practice.

David Mackie, 5th July 2005

Thank you.

David Mackie, 30th June 2005

I found Phiroz Mehta talking on a web radio broadcast. I’m glad that the first thing I found was this. He sounded like a real wise man and I listened with interest and form that a few of my mental dimmer switches were brightened up.

Dennis, 2nd June 2005

It is wonderful that I found your website. My wife Nene Yang left me in January of 2004, and this last year has been the most stressful of my life. Now, thanks to this site, I believe I am back on track.

Godfrey Tanku Tachambong, 26th March 2005

Thank you so much for your broadcasts, they have been positively inspirational. It is delightful to hear the truth.

John Stassen, 24th March 2005

I thank all in advance who stand and identify with expression that we have been taught from the beginning, as we are now…. With Love, As Always, In All Ways, STILL Loving You, It is STILL me-Truly Yours, Una.

Una Maria Galan “Seeker Of The Absolute Truth”, 19th March 2005

This is wonderful to hear these talks, it’s one thing to read true religious teachings, but I find hearing a voice is more intimate, and the energy of the speaker is so centering, I am a searcher of truth and awareness and this website is a welcome and refreshing discovery.

Jagran Kiran, 16th March 2005

Wow! Thank you so much for making the talks available over the net — they really make a difference to my day. Please let me know if there are any contact people or study groups in Toronto Canada. Please pass on my email address to the appropriate person if so. Peace.

Kamalam, 9th March 2005

Religion and Mythology and Symbolics at its best, expressed through the organism Phiroz Metha. Im very grateful for this website. I listen with joy!

Erik Hillebrand, 18th February 2005

Jesus Christ — the way the truth and the life; no one comes to the father but by me.

Michael Oglesby, 9th February 2005

Lets talk about Hinduism, the religion which has been the divine power for all religions and which has passed a straight message to all people of all religions and all feel they were Hindus at a time. Lets join hands and go to the true light which lies inside you, deep in your heart. Bring it out and feel the Hinduism inside you and say hey ram and welcome to my world.

Atul Arora, 25th January 2005

Very insightful and honest. Your site is a blessing for which I thank you.

Eri, 13th January 2005

I found this website 6 months ago and now it has become an evening ritual. Since I do not a participate in organized religion I consider this to be my healthy daily dose of enlightenment. It is great to be able to read and/or listen to these teachings. I recommend it to everyone.

Brittan Holley, 6th January 2005

The love of christ can be found all across the world. God = Love and He yearns to give us understanding and wisdom.

Jeremiah, 23rd November 2004

I am gladly appreciate your effect to enlighten the ignorant human beings.

Violet S. Kaviratnage, 18th November 2004

Very useful network for the humans who wish to advance their spiritual knowledge.

Dr. K. Gunaratne, 18th November 2004

I’m so happy I found your site.

Beverly Owings, 19th September 2004

I am very interested in knowing more about Phiroz Mehta. I am a Parsi from Karachi and my mother maiden surname was Mehta also.

Aspi Maneckjee, 3rd September 2004

Thank you for fate would have me find this page during a trial period in my life. I have been religious for 55 years. I never chose my own religion. Your site will make an importance impact on my life. Thanks so much.

Paulette, 3rd August 2004

The religion is undoubtedly a spiritual comfort to us all, especially when we are in trouble. Once a friend of mine showed me a Bible which had been given to him by an American tourist in China. I was fascinated by the sacred words, the taste quite different from what I had learned for so many years at school or on my own. I skillfully expressed my desire that I was eager to have a look. My friend on the other hand did not mind letting me enjoy the pleasure. However,one day my uncle happened to see me for a casual visit, at the end before he began to say good-bye, my little child presented the huge book to my uncle, intended to show off the strangest book that he had ever had. My uncle was always a prudent person who seldom accepted anything from others,but this time he became another man when he immediately took up the book and recognized its value, showing great joy with the book carerully wrapped and to my surprise he never mentioned the book again in my presence in fear that I might ask him to return it. How I regretted losing my treasure. Would you please send me one in the near future?

Christian Cherry, 31st March 2004

This is the first time for me to enter the world of religion, which gives me a refreshing feeling driving the old self from the dirty not mentioned at this moment. Thanks.

An anonymous visitor, 19th March 2004

Wonderful to see that others are saying it is possible to transcend the world of things, and still live in it. In God’s Peace.

Br. Michael, 12th February 2004

Shalom rav… YHWH bless you as I was sitting at my PC and it was Sabbath I wanted music to lift me up, so I turned on WM.com and went down the list. I clicked on and found you! To my awe I have been searching for Kabbalah teaching to futher my walk to the kingdom here and after. At first I was going to turn you off as you spoke that X-mas was KO DESH… As you well know it has its place in pagen worship of the Sun… Nimrod But as you see I didn’t, and I fell to the floor to thank YHWH for allowing my spirit to continue to grow in power. I am but one who has heard His calling out of the place called flesh, to find a deeper walk with Him, YAhshweh… And I have been using Yahushua for the past thirty years, and I know His name as I am known of him. He is a priest high above all others. His teachings are my foot steps. TO -DA- RABAH …Batayah.

Batayah, 6th December 2003

I have searched without success in the United States to find a book outlet to purchase Phiroz Mehta’s books and publications. If there is such a source, please email me at your earliest convenience. Namaste.

J. L. Rodak, 1st September 2003

Gross Gott! My name is David and I listen to here in Deutschland (Germany) over the internet. I listen to in the office while I work. Thank you for alles!

David, 18th June 2003

I listen to your class online while I’m at work. I am in the army, currently stationed at FT.POLK, LA.

Justin E. Sullivan, 17th May 2003

Thoughts create and design many webs, it is easy to get caught like a fly :).

An anonymous visitor, 18th April 2003

Excellent — Your “founder” is “remarkable” . I listened/recorded his “thoughts” about the ‘Yoga — the Heart of Religion’.

Edward T. Rivas, 29th January 2003

Beyond the Begging. We must agree that the roots to everything must have been nothing. The question often asked, how can something come from nothing? We cannot imagine the answer, as the forces involved are so humongous it is impossible to measure as we are part of. Everything has gravity and they are swirling around, compressing and expanding one another. Where these forces collide is where we came from. THE BIG NOTHING WANTS TO SEE WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE SOMETHING. We are the worlds best natural selection, with only a few species that can decide the gender of their offspring, guaranteeing survival. New life forms called “ARKIA” breathing iron and surviving lengthy periods in hostile environments. The search for dark matter and the earth’s rotation is slowing down every year. Which planet will be first? Seeking the Absolute.

Dieter, 25th January 2003

Hari Krshna! Lord you sound so beautiful! May the supreme lotus blossoms of Brahma keep you in peace and heavenly harmony!

J. W. Pavlic, 24th January 2003

Thank you for your work!

Um, 11th January 2003

Thank you for sharing the profound and magnificent knowledge of an incredibly accomplished man.

Jim Strack, 28th December 2002

A very good expression of yin and yang, the sec’s of dimetional thinking toward spritual awareness, and great enlightenment. Thank you.

Hank Hogan, 18th November 2002

I was active in the PM Group for 10 years in the 70s and would be interested to contact anyone who remembers me from that time.

Michael Gilling, 13th November 2002

Hare Krishna. I welcome all of you. I listen to your Radio Station on the Internet. Vaidya Das, UNIVERSE NEWS News Agency. ICQ*165232574.

Vaidya Das, 2nd November 2002

I am from Raleigh, North Carolina, living in listening to your program in Amsterdam. Thank you, your program adds greatly to my practice of Yoga.

Tristan, 8th September 2002

Great site. Please keep it on the net.

An anonymous visitor, 28th August 2002

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