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The Catherington House Summer School Talks

Love: Silence: Unity: AmityGiven on 23rd May 1973

Silence and Meditation: Wisdom of Life: Clean Unknowing: Right ReceptivityGiven on 24th May 1973

Immaculate Conception: Virgin Birth in the ReligionsGiven on 24th May 1973

General Discussion: Silence and MeditationGiven on 25th May 1973

Yoga: The Meaning of Holy LivingGiven on 25th May 1973

Yoga: The Restoration to WholenessGiven on 25th May 1973

Meditation leading to SilenceGiven on 26th May 1973

Presentation of the Ways as 3-, 5-, 7-, 8-fold in the ReligionsGiven on 26th May 1973

The Yamas in the Śāndilya UpaniṣadGiven on 27th May 1973

Application of the Morning Talk to the Yamas: Approach of WholenessGiven on 28th May 1973

Concept: Percept: Inner SensitivityGiven on 28th May 1973

General Discussion: FearGiven on 29th May 1973

Maturing of Mind: Denudation of the Mind, leading to ĀtmanGiven on 29th May 1973

The Religious ObservancesGiven on 29th May 1973

We Exist by Virtue of Sun and Earth: Archetypal Significances of Zodiacal Signs: Earth Meditation: Jhānas and Samāpattis: Freedom and Realization of TranscendenceGiven on 30th May 1973