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Books by Phiroz Mehta

Deeply concerned with discovering through personal endeavour the Truth which is at the heart of religious experience, Phiroz Mehta practised both the outer and the inner disciplines of several major religions.

The essence of his own ‘realisation’ is expressed in his books, each of which you will find in this section.

The Heart of Religion

What does it mean to understand and practise the religious life? In a work which combines scholarship with deep spiritual insight, Phiroz Mehta draws on more than fifty years of study and practice to interpret the meaning of spiritual evolution.


A collection of essays focusing on Buddhism and Yoga, meditation and death, and the movement towards holistic consciousness.

Insight into Individual Living

In this transcript of a talk given from his home in London, Phiroz Mehta encourages us to wake up in inner awareness to the reality of the unity of the universe.

The Oakroom Talks on Buddhism

A series of informal, wise and compassionate talks on Buddhism which explain the theme of mindfulness by drawing not only on scripture but on the author’s own long experience of spiritual practice.

Holistic Consciousness

In this elegantly phrased, witty and beautifully articulated work, Phiroz Mehta distils the essence of mankind’s attempts to explain the human predicament through myth, religion, philosophy and the sciences.

Zarathushtra: The Transcendental Vision

In this work Phiroz Mehta seeks to convey the nature of the transcendental vision of the Perfected Holy Ones, in particular as proclaimed by Zarathushtra.

Early Indian Religious Thought

The principle aim of this book is to seek a ground for mutual religious understanding based on a fundamental spiritural unity, while recognising the differences between the world’s great religions and their distinctive messages.

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