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The Buddhist Society Summer School Talks

Expounding without ExpositionGiven in 1959

The End and also the Beginning Lie in the MiddleGiven on 26th August 1962

You Talk, I ListenGiven on 24th August 1963

The Goal (I)Given on 22nd August 1964

Appearance and RealityGiven on 28th August 1966

Wisdom and CompassionGiven on 30th August 1966

HarmonyGiven on 1st September 1968

The Three Signs of BeingGiven in August 1969

The Open and the HiddenGiven on 24th August 1969

The Mahayana (I)Given on 26th August 1969

The Mahayana (II)Given on 27th August 1969

The Mahayana (III)Given on 28th August 1969

The Religious PathGiven in 1970 (estimated)

The Voice of SilenceGiven in 1970 (estimated)

GötterdämmerungGiven on 26th August 1970

The Star and the BubbleGiven in August 1971

The Nature of Meditation (I)Given on 13th October 1971

Buddhism and YogaGiven on 28th August 1972

Growing in AwarenessGiven on 25th August 1973

The Meditative StateGiven on 26th August 1973

Creation — Transformation, or Death and the Creative PulseGiven on 26th August 1973

The Body, the MindGiven on 27th August 1973

Constant VigilanceGiven on 28th August 1973

Right MindfulnessGiven on 29th August 1973

Purification of the MindGiven on 30th August 1973

The Buddha’s Lesser Discourse on the VoidGiven on 23rd August 1975

The Buddha’s Abiding in EmptinessGiven on 24th August 1975

The Buddha’s Greater Discourse on the VoidGiven on 25th August 1975

Karma — RebirthGiven on 26th August 1975

The Creative PulseGiven on 27th August 1975

The Pith SutraGiven on 27th August 1975

Meditation, the Timeless ConjugationGiven on 28th August 1975

Essence of MindGiven on 28th August 1976

The BrahmacaryaGiven on 29th August 1976

Starting from the Other ShoreGiven on 29th August 1976

The Immensity: The ImperishableGiven on 30th August 1976

The Deathful and the DeathlessGiven on 31st August 1976

Buddhahood: The Tathāgata is the Giver of the DeathlessGiven on 1st September 1976

The Naming of the Angels and DevasGiven on 1st September 1976

Gathering the Fruits of Virtue and of KnowledgeGiven on 2nd September 1976

The Aryan Silence (I): Instructions for Study and Meditation WeekGiven on 26th August 1977

The Aryan Silence (II)Given on 27th August 1977

The Aryan Silence (III): Meditative WalkingGiven on 27th August 1977

The Aryan Silence (IV)Given on 27th August 1977

The Aryan Silence (V)Given on 28th August 1977

The Aryan Silence (VI)Given on 28th August 1977

The Aryan Silence (VII)Given on 29th August 1977

Questions: Suicide: Prayer: The Marriage made in Heaven: The Eternal Order: Emotions: Health: Mindfulness: The ĀtmaGiven on 29th August 1977

The Aryan Silence (VIII)Given on 30th August 1977

Questions: Yoga: Cosmic Energies: Entry into the JhānasGiven on 30th August 1977

The Aryan Silence (IX)Given on 31st August 1977

The Aryan Silence (X)Given on 31st August 1977

The Aryan Silence (XI)Given on 1st September 1977

Questions: Purification of the Body: Fruition: Meditation: Wrong Aspiration: Closing Address: Destiny and FateGiven on 1st September 1977

Membership and DiscipleshipGiven on 2nd September 1978

True Samādhi is a Natural Living State: QuestionsGiven on 2nd September 1978

Questions: SamādhiGiven on 3rd September 1978

Consciousness: Mind: MatterGiven on 3rd September 1978

The Turning About in the Deepest Seat of ConsciousnessGiven on 4th September 1978

Question: RebirthGiven on 4th September 1978

The Unreserved Giving of One’s Whole BeingGiven on 5th September 1978

Questions: Purification: Hypnotism: GraceGiven on 5th September 1978

Questions: Our Conditioning: Fear: The Use of the MantraGiven on 6th September 1978

Insight: Wisdom: CompassionGiven on 6th September 1978

The Five PoisonsGiven on 7th September 1978

Be Awake Now!Given on 7th September 1978

We Grow into the Truth — We Never Acquire ItGiven on 1st September 1979

Questions: The TeacherGiven on 1st September 1979

The Giver of the DeathlessGiven on 2nd September 1979

The Marriage made in Heaven: Questions: Aversion: Non-Attachment: Whole-MakingGiven on 2nd September 1979

Virtue: SufferingGiven on 3rd September 1979

Question: The “Vile” BodyGiven on 3rd September 1979

Allaying the Fever of DesireGiven on 4th September 1979

Questions: Comparison of the Religions: ReincarnationGiven on 4th September 1979

The Deeps of MeditationGiven on 5th September 1979

Questions: Anattā: The Pulse of Creation: Reincarnation: SuṣuptiGiven on 5th September 1979

Wise Compassion: Compassionate WisdomGiven on 6th September 1979

Meditation: Samādhi: Question: Karma, Reincarnation and the Holy LifeGiven on 6th September 1979

“I go to the Buddha for Refuge” (I)Given on 23rd August 1980

Who is the Buddha? (I)Given on 24th August 1980

The SanghaGiven on 25th August 1980

Steps on the PathGiven on 26th August 1980

Being and Non-Being: Question: Rebirth and DeathGiven on 27th August 1980

Question: Karma, Rebirth and the Living of the Moral LifeGiven on 28th August 1980

The Invocation and its MeaningGiven on 29th August 1981

The Inner Nature of Consciousness: Questions: The Teacher: Taking LifeGiven on 30th August 1981

The Law of Karma: Question: The Tree of LifeGiven on 31st August 1981

Do We Really Know Dukkha?: Questions: Chance and Accident: Starting from TranscendenceGiven on 1st September 1981

Origins of Beliefs in Reincarnation and Rebirth: Questions: Creation: Avidyā: Entropy: Plans, Aims, DecisionsGiven on 2nd September 1981

The Buddha, the Lord of Compassion and WisdomGiven on 3rd September 1981

The Spirit of Religion: Questions: “The Teacher of Devas and Men”: “I Am That I Am”: EternityGiven on 28th August 1982

In What Manner are We Conscious of this World? Questions: Belief and Faith: Wisdom: Speech: TranscendenceGiven on 29th August 1982

Ineffable Bliss: Questions: Competition and Comparison: AnattāGiven on 30th August 1982

Mindfulness Centred on the BodyGiven on 31st August 1982

Mindfulness, Our Instrument of Salvation: Questions: Changing the World: Evolution of the BrainGiven on 1st September 1982

The Experiencing of ImmortalityGiven on 2nd September 1982

What is Our Supreme Desire?Given on 3rd September 1983

Who is the Buddha? (II)Given on 4th September 1983

Right Understanding of the DhammaGiven on 5th September 1983

The Meaning of the DeathlessGiven on 6th September 1983

We Are Our Own Best TeacherGiven on 7th September 1983

Just Be YourselfGiven on 8th September 1983

The Middle Way: The Evolution of the BrainGiven on 25th August 1984

“Seeking” the Unborn: The Enlightenment of the BuddhaGiven on 26th August 1984

The Purifying of the PsycheGiven on 27th August 1984

The Buddha’s RealizationGiven on 28th August 1984

The Evolution of Man and his Beliefs: Through to BuddhahoodGiven on 29th August 1984

The Pure FoolGiven on 30th August 1984

The Uprising of Ill and its EndingGiven on 10th August 1985

“Consciousness, Characterless, Unending, Everywhere Shining”Given on 11th August 1985

Virtue: The DefilementsGiven on 12th August 1985

The Wholemaking of the PsycheGiven on 13th August 1985

Sammā Sati: Sammā SamādhiGiven on 14th August 1985

The Creative Renewal of all the WorldGiven on 15th August 1985

Karmic LawGiven on 16th August 1986

Creative Karma in Eternity as ManGiven on 17th August 1986

Conditioning: Rebirth: KarmaGiven on 18th August 1986

The Graciousness of the BuddhaGiven on 19th August 1986

Humans are the Heralds of EternityGiven on 20th August 1986

The Development of ConsciousnessGiven on 21st August 1986

I go to the Buddha as my Refuge (II)Given on 15th August 1987

The Buddha’s Discourse to SigālovādaGiven on 16th August 1987

The Emptying of the PsycheGiven on 17th August 1987

Suffering and IgnoranceGiven on 18th August 1987

Holistic Consciousness — The Absolute Here-NowGiven on 19th August 1987

The Inner SilenceGiven on 20th August 1987