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Insight into Individual Living

By Phiroz Mehta
Edited and introduced by Robert Mehta

Cover of Insight into Individual Living

About this book

Format Booklet
Pages 16
Publisher The Trust
Published 1995
ISBN 1-89972-700-0

A transcript of a talk given by Phiroz at Dilkusha, his London home

The biological unit of society is the family, yet each member of the human race is a unique individual. From that individuality, if we mature, we return to a unity not confined to the family, but including totality, transcendence. This is denied if we are restricted to our separate individualism. There is no such thing as living the spiritual life for the sake of one’s personal salvation, nor does the seeker refuse to face the world’s problems. The operation of karma is immediate with the effect of every thought, feeling, word and action. We have to be extremely sensitive to this and wake up in inner awareness to the reality of the unity of the universe. Each of us influences everyone else. Systems and methods have failed as panaceas for the world’s ills. The true root of the world’s problems lies in myself. We cannot escape our conditioning. Mothers and fathers of the world have failed, as have our social and educational services, seeking to impose fixed ideas, beliefs and ideals. Only from ourselves can come the light, let this grow from within, and then the world, rushing towards destruction, may draw back just in time.