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The Heart of Religion

By Phiroz Mehta

Cover of The Heart of Religion

About this book

Format Hardback
Pages 444
Publisher Compton Russell
Published 1976
ISBN 0-85955-029-X
Format Paperback
Pages 446
Publisher Element Books
Published 1987
ISBN 1-85230-014-0

What does it mean to understand and practise the religious life? In a work which combines scholarship with deep spiritual insight Phiroz Mehta draws on more than fifty years of study and practice to interpret the meaning of spiritual evolution.

He has distilled the essence of the world’s great religious traditions, from the message of the Vedas and Upanishads to the teachings of the Buddha, Jesus and Zarathushtra, to reveal the path which can lead us towards a life free from fear, greed and hatred, a life in which our actions are pure, wise and compassionate. This is the way of Transcendence which is centred in the living heart of religion.


It is the most beautiful, true and loving, helpful, awakening and growing book that we have met in a long, long time. All the insights of the great traditions are there … in a new yet eternal unity which at the same time is very much a tract for the times.

The Reverend David Shapland

I would venture to say that it is probably impossible for anyone, whatever their background or learning, to come away from this book without being greatly enriched – and stimulated – by it.

From the review by Malcolm Ashworth in Yoga and Health

The best book I have ever read with real concepts and visions and views with a holistic approach to all religions getting the best of Buddha, Christ and all in one book. A possible life changing book to read. A very special book by a Cambridge don who really knows the best of East and West.

From the review by Professor Harvey Crichton on Amazon


The meditator, having reviewed the dangers of hate in any form, having put aside pleasure, lust and other impediments, and having calmed the mind, develops loving kindness by strongly wishing, first for himself, ease, well-being and happiness, and freedom from enmity, injury and disturbance. When the mind glows with friendliness for himself, he directs this mettā to others: the teacher and those dear to himself; later on, with growing proficiency, to all others, including enemies; and finally, to the whole world.

From page 377 of The Heart of Religion

In this constant beatitude in which “I am the I which I has given up I”, where mind is unshakably poised and free, ever still and silent, the senses are not only the cords of communion but also the channels of transmutative power. So when the Living Revelation looks at you at any moment he sees you as you actually are, and in that same instant, through his eye, the “third eye”, Transcendence sees itself in you as MAN. In this divine moment of truth, Grace touches you if your heart be quietly aflame with love and wholly open to the compassionate Holy One. That touch heals you. And in that healing is the creative renewal of all the world.

From page 389 of The Heart of Religion