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By Phiroz Mehta
Edited and introduced by John Snelling

Cover of Buddhahood

About this book

Format Paperback
Pages 199
Publisher Element Books
Published 1988
ISBN 1-85230-055-8
Format Kindle Edition
Publisher The Trust
Published 2013

Buddhahood is a collection of essays contributed over a period of more than thirty years to The Middle Way, the journal of the Buddhist Society.

Here, Phiroz Mehta turns his attention to Buddhism and Yoga, meditation and death, and the movement towards holistic consciousness and many vital aspects of religious practice.


Never before had I seen a book entitled after the very nature of complete awakening, so I decided that I had to give this one a shot, even if it was going to be a disappointment. What I discovered in Mehta’s text was a collection of lectures that this fantastic proponent of the Dharma had made during his career as a lecturer on Buddhism during the 60’s and 70’s. A very great smile was expressed when I discovered how valuable this book is to serious students of the way of Buddha.

Buddhahood is not for the faint of heart! Mehta is a teacher of the highest form of Aryan psychology — the mind’s own perfection and self extinction known as ‘jhāna’, or what he calls ‘access consciousness to jhāna’, arrived at once the individual has returned to the womb of space, the immortal void upon which all universes and souls co-exist.

If you are interested in a work that combines the highest wisdom of the East and West, this book is certainly for you. It mentions the many pathways to our original unstained immortal state that perpetually exist outside of the realm of suffering. The paths of Adam, Enoch, and Siddhartha are examined closely to reveal their underlying singularity. A person who is one with our totally awakened and immortal purity can truly be ‘one with the father’, as our Son of Man so rightiousely proclaimed twenty centuries ago.

The practices of meditation and disciplined yoga prescribed by Buddhism’s founder are meant to bring the individual back to his or her singularity with God, and this book is a friendly and helpful companion to those who might be interested in such a way to true freedom!

If you’re interested in mysticism, and especially the science of jhāna/samādhi, this book is certainly for you!

From the review by Raam on Amazon


With the silence of the mind and the flowering of understanding, you cease to do evil and you cease to pursue good. For you who have gone thus clearly see that if you resist a thought or feeling out of condemnation, or if you are attracted through approving choice, you will never understand it. But if you observe it unresistingly and follow it to its very end without indulging it in any way, you will have unerring insight into it together with full compassion.

From page 55 of Buddhahood