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Holistic Consciousness

By Phiroz Mehta
Edited by John Snelling

Cover of Holistic Consciousness

About this book

Format Paperback
Pages 160
Publisher Element Books
Published 1989

In this elegantly phrased, witty and beautifully articulated work, Phiroz Mehta distils the essence of mankind’s attempts to explain the human predicament through myth, religion, philosophy and the sciences.

Revelation and reason have taken us so far. Travelling on requires the total clarity of inner silence. Drawing on the wisdoms gained from almost 70 years as scholar, poet and mystic, Phiroz Mehta shows us the way.

A most important book, and essential reading for anyone seriously concerned with the realisation of holistic consciousness and true awareness of the Self within.


This book is exactly what it says. From the great mystical traditions of the East — and the writer is fully aware of them all — to quantum physics and the latest science, [Phiroz Mehta] does not hold back on his knowledge of mystical knowledge reinterpreted with the 20th century finds in physics. If you are somehow kind of ‘spiritual’ about things in the world generally, this book will let you know why, and how others in the Eastern tradition have always thought.

If you want to pick up some Buddhist words and concepts as you go as well then that is all a bonus. There are few books in English where you can delve into such wealth of the Eastern tradition and come out with a clear understanding as though you have been drenched in it for years. This book hits a lot harder than many other similar texts trying to do the same thing that just scuff the surface with a lot of twee writing. This book is the real deal and it is written as a kind of self-help guide for you to wonder about what to do with your free choice as well. It is a book for those searching wisdom from one who is wise.

And for a tour of all the religions with huge overlap as a syncretist work, the author’s The Heart of Religion is unparalleled as a comparative text of all religions with one who knows all of them deeply. I wish more people would read both — there would be happier people and fewer wars. Brilliant stuff from Mehta. Life changing stuff. He meant it to be as well.

From the review by Professor Harvey Crichton on Amazon


Therefore consider carefully, consider peacefully, and see and know that we humans are the heralds of Eternity, for who else on earth but we can sing the Song of Eternal life through all of ever-dying time? Who else on earth but we can unveil the Face of Beauty of the Infinite as we dance our way through the measureless expanses of Space?

To this, verily to this is Man going – to the Infinity and Eternity of Transcendence in Holistic Consciousness – the Love and Wisdom, to the Truth and Beauty of Transcendence.

From chapter 6 of Holistic Consciousness

For us who live as mortals there is only the way of Love and Understanding. Heart speaks to heart, noiselessly. Who loves, hears. Who listens, understands. Listen to the bird singing. It sings naturally. It does not fly to an avian conservatoire; it pays no fees to another bird - a prima donna among birds. It just sings; song happens out of it. It is like the new born baby, who just lives. It is that mysterious wonder, life, which makes the newborn grow.

From page 39 of Holistic Consciousness