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Quotations by Phiroz Mehta

For us who live as mortals there is only the way of Love and Understanding. Heart speaks to heart, noiselessly. Who loves, hears. Who listens, understands.

From page 386 of The Heart of Religion

Wisely, then, watch every thought, word and deed; observe exactly what you are; discover your uniqueness; awaken to the hidden light within you. Live by that light.

From page 143 of Holistic Consciousness

Mindfulness itself is a 24-hour-a-day meditation. It means being alert, being watchful, being awake to all your living experience here-now, from moment to moment. But be alert and watchful, free of criteria, evaluation, judgement, condemnation or approval.

From page 142 of Buddhahood

Religion is fulfilment in every moment of daily life and work.

From page 387 of The Heart of Religion

Listen to the bird singing. It sings naturally. It does not fly to an avian conservatoire; it pays no fees to another bird — a prima donna among birds. It just sings; song happens out of it. It is like the new born baby, who just lives. It is that mysterious wonder, life, which makes the newborn grow.

From page 39 of Holistic Consciousness

Many people can write knowledgeably and inspiringly about spiritual matters; comparatively few are able to live out what they know and write. In this existential respect, as a living exemplar of the brahmacarīya, lies Phiroz Mehta’s true greatness.

From the Editor's Introduction to Buddhahood