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Ātman and Anattā (I)

The Dilkusha Talks

Phiroz Mehta outside Dilkusha
Phiroz Mehta outside Dilkusha

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A talk given by Phiroz Mehta at Dilkusha, Forest Hill, London on 7th January 1978

Karma and rebirth as popularly presented are not in accord with source teachings in the Upaniṣads and in the discourses of the Buddha. Ātman is unborn, unageing, undying - it is neti, neti, not this, not that. Eternity is not the opposite of time or timelessness. The Absolute is not the opposite of permanence or impermanence. It is the relative that contains the opposites.

Catalogue number D306
Duration 46 minutes
Recording quality Fair - speech is significantly muffled or distant or has significant background noise


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