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Bṛihadāraṇyaka and Īśā Upaniṣads

The Dilkusha Talks

Phiroz Mehta outside Dilkusha
Phiroz Mehta outside Dilkusha

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A talk given by Phiroz Mehta at Dilkusha, Forest Hill, London on 23rd March 1973

Realization is a matter of change of consciousness, not only of intellectual perception. Purity is the basis. Meditation - perfect communion, a state of continual relationship with Transcendence. A quotation from Bṛihadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad - Yājñavalkya on the inner controller and the imperishable. The Īśā Upaniṣad: "Set not your heart on another's possession" - i.e. on another's spiritual realization.

Catalogue number D132
Duration 1 hour 2 minutes
Recording quality Excellent - speech is very clear with little or no background noise


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