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Viśvakarman and Hiraṇyagarbha (II)

The Dilkusha Talks

Phiroz Mehta outside Dilkusha
Phiroz Mehta outside Dilkusha

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A talk given by Phiroz Mehta at Dilkusha, Forest Hill, London on 14th January 1973

Brief resumé of Varuṇa, Indra, Agni and Soma. The hymn to Viśvakarman read (Ṛg-Veda 10.82). The "Waters." Water, earth, bread represent the feminine "negative" aspect which is responsible for positive activity. The female contains the duals within itself, which interact with each other by the fecundative influence of the presence of the male. Fire, air, wine are male. Ṛg-Veda 10.121. was read.

Catalogue number D121
Duration 1 hour
Recording quality Excellent - speech is very clear with little or no background noise


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