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News about the Trust Website

Please note that the information in this article by Michael Piggott is now out of date

We are pleased to inform our readers that over 120 of Phiroz’s recorded talks are now freely available on the Internet from the recorded talks section of our website.

They can be listened to using Microsoft’s Windows Media Player software, which is free to download from Microsoft. It is our intention of course to have all of Phiroz’s talks available in this way over time, and we have introduced a new feature on the website’s homepage to display the most recently updated talks, which we hope frequent visitors will find useful.

In addition to the online recorded talks, we are now in the process of making Buddhahood, which is now out of print, available for download as an e-book from the website. This will be in the Adobe Acrobat format, for which reader software is also freely available. We hope to have this available for the spring of next year, and will then consider perhaps extending this to Phiroz’s other works.

Any feedback on this or any other topic, or ideas as to how we might improve or expand the website further, are always most welcome, and we hope that you will find useful the list of online recorded talks and transcripts at the back of this newsletter.


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