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Talk Archive Updates

By Tim Surtell

Three newly discovered talks given by Phiroz at Dilkusha have been added to the Trust’s archive, which has necessitated re-numbering the talks in the ‘extra’ Dilkusha Talks (DX) catalogue. A few other corrections have also been made elsewhere, as detailed below.

Old Catalogue Number New Catalogue Number Date Given Title What’s Changed?
DX002 20/07/1969 Just Be Aware New
DX002 DX003 28/09/1969 The Nature of our Fundamental Beliefs Number
DX003 DX004 23/11/1969 Sorrow and Suffering Number
DX004 DX005 06/12/1969 Perfect Understanding of Sorrow Number
DX006 31/01/1970 The Realization of Truth New
DX007 21/03/1970 Power New
DX005 DX008 02/12/1990 The Festive Season Number
DX006 DX009 13/01/1991 Stages of Happiness Number
DX007 DX010 17/02/1991 This World of Saṃsāra Number
DX008 DX011 21/04/1991 Truth: Goodness: Beauty Number
B016 21/08/1971 The Star and the Bubble Date
D017 18/01/1970 Do We Lead the Good Life?: There is Nothing for “Me” Title
D065 18/12/1971 Being and Becoming Title
P005 10/05/1974 Discussion: Drive and Desire: The Art of Conversation Title


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