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    Religiousness: Implicatio

The Journey

By Michael Piggott

Was it Krishnamurti who said “truth is a pathless land” and Phiroz Mehta that remarked “where the religious life is concerned there are no maps”?

From birth our lives take many twists and turns and as we round each bend so new insights and new horizons open before us.

It was a letter from a stranger, regarding the Trust, and expressing an interest in meditation that caused The Heart of Religion to be taken from the shelf. As the book was opened at chapter 21, there, as if it were for the first time, was the heading ‘Meditation: The Heart of Religion’. When one quickens to the journey how greedy one can become, consuming great tracts of text in search of an illusionary goal. But not this time, the first sentence was both the beginning and the end:

To wing the uncharted flight in the trackless open! …

It was some weeks later, whilst talking to a friend on the telephone, that a student of psychology was mentioned. Again a silent stirring and now it was No Boundary by Ken Wilber that lay open at Chapter four, ‘No-Boundary Awareness’. The chapter seemed to follow seamlessly all that had gone before, from:

Thus the inescapable conclusion starts to dawn on us: “There is no separate self apart from the world” to “When we realize there is no part, we fall into the Whole”.

For many years, a good and uncommon friend has shone as the sun. An illuminator, shedding light upon the path, that our footsteps might be true and sure.

Perhaps we are all illuminators, providing light of infinite levels of intensity as necessary to each other as the air we breath.

May we journey together in harmony.


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