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The Trust in 1995

From the Editor

1995 has been an encouraging year for the Trust.

For some time prior to Phiroz’s death in May 1994, things seemed to have been a little in the doldrums. Phiroz was no longer able to give talks as he had done for so many years, and was gradually becoming more and more frail. Some enquiries for books and tapes were being received at Lillian Road, but these were fairly few and far between, and not a great many people were attending the meetings there. It is true that in 1992 and 1993, two extremely successful Summer Schools had been held at Cuddesdon House, near Oxford, but the participants were mostly people who had known Phiroz and attended his talks for many years. In 1994, we could not find a sufficient number of members to hold a Summer School there, although finally the Buddhist Society kindly offered us space at their own Summer School at Cirencester, and a small number of members attended.

However, in 1995, there do seem to have been definite signs of interest in Phiroz’s work by people who had not previously come into contact with it. At Lillian Road we have received an increasing number of enquiries from people in this country and abroad. Sales of books and tapes have gone up significantly, and the circulation of the Newsletter has also increased. We held a Spring and an Autumn School at Lillian Road, both of which were very happy occasions and well-attended. In 1995, we also published the booklet Insight into Individual Living, and this had a favourable reception. We are hoping to produce more publications in 1996, and a catalogue of the talks which Phiroz gave at Dilkusha is in preparation.

Altogether, 1995 has been a productive and fruitful year, and one hopes a harbinger of many more such years to come.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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