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Visit of Changchub Nyingpo to Lillian Road

From the Editor

On Sunday 16th November, 1997, Changehub Nyingpo paid a visit to the group at Lillian Road.

Changehub had, as Ian Shipman, attended Phiroz’s meetings at Dilkusha in the 1970’s. He had looked on Phiroz as his first teacher, the second being the late Lama Gendun, the founder of the Tibetan Buddhist monastery of Thongdrul Ling at Le Bost, France. At the time of his visit to us, Changchub had just completed nearly seven years' retreat at the monastery, and he was on his way back there, where other duties awaited him.

Changchub gave us a most interesting and illuminating talk about how the monastery came to be founded and about the daily life within its walls, and we also had the opportunity to ask questions.

The afternoon was a most happy one, however it left many of us with a feeling that there were many more questions that we should like to have asked, and we very much hope that Changchub will come to see us another time so that we may ask them.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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