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From the Editor

About 1990, in the early days of the Phiroz Mehta Trust, Sylvia Swain wrote the following:

The religious life is not a passive one. Although a great deal or its “activity” is inward and silent, the consequences of this activity have to be expressed in our everyday activities and relationships.

This must be happening in the lives of the members but we do not hear about it. My hope for the future of the group is for opportunities for sharing and participation. A weekend Summer School would be an ideal opportunity for members to share what they have gained from the teachings and to discuss questions and difficulties which arise and also the rewards which come to us as we attempt to live the religious life.

The form of the Summer School could perhaps centre around a theme chosen by the Trust and set by the playing of one or two of Phiroz’s tapes. This could be followed by any contributions that members may wish to make, and then general discussion.

Regarding the activities of the Trust, they are admirable, and if, as I believe is already planned, and in the fullness of time, a comprehensive list according to subject matter of tapes and manuscripts could be made available for hire or purchase, what more could we ask?

The role of the Trust is, I believe, to preserve, make available and to promote the work of Phiroz to encourage the living of the religious life. To this end could they perhaps consider an annual Newsletter to include contributions from members? As Phiroz has often told us, the way to find the answers is to set out our questions clearly. Also to be called upon to speak or write clarifies and concentrates the mind. This would help to keep the Group consciousness alive, especially for those of us who may be too far away to attend the meetings.

Although many of the suggestions made by Sylvia have been, or are about to be, implemented, much remains to be done and can be done by members willing to participate actively in the Trust.

Why don’t you for a start send in a few lines to the Newsletter to provide a topic of discussion? It does not need to be a long letter, but just a few words on some topic which is important to you, and which other readers may also find of significance to themselves. Anonymous contributions will also be accepted!

Write in now, and see where it might lead us!


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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