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The Dilkusha Talks

From the Editor

The Dilkusha Talks has just been published by the Trust. This is a catalogue containing brief summaries of over 500 talks by Phiroz Mehta, given at his home at Forest Hill between 1969 and 1989.

This is being distributed free of charge, and if you would like a copy or copies, please contact the Trust.

The catalogue covers all the talks given at Dilkusha, but not talks given at other locations, for example at the Buddhist Society Summer Schools, Phiroz’s own Summer Schools, and at a number of other places.

Cassettes of all the talks, both those catalogued in The Dilkusha Talks and also talks given elsewhere, are available from the Trust.

The Dilkusha Talks will be a most useful guide to all those interested in the work of Phiroz and in living the religious life. Do send for your copy or copies now.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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