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    Religiousness: Implicatio

The Act of Creation

By Ron Martin

If zero is added to zero we do not get one, we still have only zero. If an electron has no physical existence and a proton has no physical existence, bringing them together does not create matter. How is it, then, that we get a hydrogen atom?

It is the Essence of Mind (what Phiroz Mehta probably meant by Transcendence) that creates matter, just as it is the Essence of Mind that creates colour (greenness of grass) and sound (ticking of a clock).

The Essence of Mind is the cause of all creation but was not, itself, created, nor is it subject to Anicca (impermanence). It transcends all duality and so is indescribable, but it can be experienced, and that is what meditation is all about.


Questionable. Mind requires an entity with a brain. Experience requires an entity who is able to experience something. As such there are two (Duality). But one cannot be without the other. Simplified, Don’t ask the question!

‘Kingfisher’, 30th November 2010

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