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The Phiroz Mehta Trust Summer School 2005

By William Grice

I am not usually a subscriber to conspiracy theories, but our efforts to arrive for an early start to our day-trip were thwarted again this year by three seemingly unrelated factors, to wit: four cats, fifty-odd canaries, and a lengthy hold-up on the M25.

We eventually arrived at around lunchtime, feeling certain that we would be last again. As it turned out however, the other day pupils in the redoubtable form of Bob and Renate Lee had only just arrived. True, they were delayed by one common factor — motorway thrombosis, but they could not plead for cats and canaries to be taken into consideration.

After the very welcome and tasty lunch, we took the opportunity to renew acquaintances with good friends from whom distance of domicile normally prevents meeting, and we were soon taken into the flow of things with the afternoon session. This entailed a discussion following a talk by Ron Kett, and looking back on it, it is a measure of the strength of our fellowship that views were exchanged with such candour in such a friendly atmosphere that an outsider would surely think that we all met more likely monthly than yearly. This was followed by a graceful group session of a version of T’ai Chi, led as ever by our own expert Bob Lee.

Since we now know that next year the next Trust Summer School will be held from 30th June to 5th July and at a new venue in West Sussex, the triple peril of cats, canaries and traffic-jams cannot then apply, and we look forward to meeting up again, this time not as mere day pupils.


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