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Closure of the Phiroz Mehta Trust

By George Piggott, Chairman of the Phiroz Mehta Trust

It is with a sense of sadness, regret and our happy memories, that the trustees have no choice other than to unanimously agree that the Phiroz Mehta Trust will no longer be able to continue. This is due to the senior age of three of our trustees, with their associated age-related health conditions, that regrettably present no other option.

In this, our final newsletter, we inform all readers that we are no longer allowed to accept any donations in any form as we abide by Charity Commission rules, and we will remove links of communication relating to the charity, including our charitable registration number.

Our website, beingtrulyhuman.org, will receive no further updates and no additional subjects will be added. It will be frozen in a time capsule for at least the next five years. In this state of undisturbed peace, it will be accessible to our members and others to reap and gather the harvest of philosophical insights of wisdom that our founder, Phiroz Mehta has offered in this festival of oneness.

Each person is unique. Their enquiring minds can read, listen, or download in whatever form they wish, in their own moments of time. To conclude: Our individual journeys continue in harmony with ‘Being Truly Human’.


Dear Rosemary, Ursula, Tim, George and all: Thank you all so much for enriching my life with the Phiroz Mehta Trust newsletter for many years, so it is with sadness to hear that it will now have to cease. We are all getting on since the remarkable days of Phiroz’s talks at Dilkusha, but thanks to your dedication and great kindness his wisdom has been documented and preserved, and will always be a source for people to access his gentle wisdom. My best wishes to you all and hope you continue to find enrichment and joy in your lives.

Robin Bath, 6th September 2022

I’m so sorry to read of the closing of the Trust. Much saddened, indeed. I shall miss the wonderful Being Truly Human newsletters terribly. However, even as we age, and I’m (unbelievably) into the eighth decade now, there are definitely subtle changes taking place in body and mind, and all of this is preparation for the next phase. And Phiroz’s teachings are a Being Truly Human guide for me, encompassing all that is contained within them, and expressed in the beautiful poem “The Way” on the cover of the final issue. Well chosen, and perfect. I shall miss the Reflections by Kingfisher, too. Kingfisher almost always had the last word, or reflection, on page 8! In fact, all the issues of Being Truly Human have provided profound Satori, the silent illumination in our hearts and minds. I send my love and best wishes to Rosemary, to Tim, and all who created the Phiroz Mehta Trust for the extension worldwide of Phiroz’s teachings, talks, his books, and kept his memory alive for all of us — even for those, like me, who did not have a chance to meet him. But I was fortunate, in 2015, to be able to attend the Summer School, and to have a closer ‘feel’ of getting to know more about Phiroz through his innermost core of disciples. This was wonderful for me. Regrettably I have not had another opportunity to attend another since; not even to the Buddhist Society Summer Schools. Thank you for all your hard work of keeping us informed each quarter.

Betty Warrington-Kearsley, 29th August 2022

Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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