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A Revolution in Perception

By George Piggott

The world in chaos, death, pain, suffering and the mind in constant conflict are realities that are obvious to all; a reflection of our delusion and shame. The struggle to find the answers to the countless problems in life, whether they be acts of war, political, religious, climate, social, or compassion, is daunting. Action to rectify this, although well intended, is often in vain. An illusion of our perceptions, contradictions, hopes and expectations are prevalent in life.

Conversely, perception is aware that it is not all gloom and doom in the world of humanity. Goodwill, peace, and compassion are there to be discovered, and accepted in true spirit, as we all share Planet Earth with approximately 7.5 billion people, as calculated in 2017.

A revolutionary perception is offered as a radical change, culminating in greater awareness, to turn the brain upside-down, or inside-out; to empty and carefully start anew. The objective is to overcome the obstacles, via mindfulness, to become fully awake!

These seven pillars of guidance are the vital beacons that will illuminate the way:

  • Greater Awareness
  • The Actual as Fact
  • The Perceived
  • States of Conditions
  • Separateness = Oneness
  • Simplicity becomes Complexity
  • Inevitable Change

The five senses are typical examples of natural simplicity. Recognition is instant and also simple. To mind enlightened, a move from simplicity is to sow the seed of endless complexity. It also reflects enlightenment as a word, a communicative image in mind, never the actual. To be awake in that moment is the seeing of this.

The known is the result of the search for true conclusions and varies immensely. Beliefs come in multitudes, such as education, politics, religion, non-fiction, fiction, assumptions, speculations, guesses and many more. They are the subject of debatable arguments, time-wasting discussions, and on occasion do not include the actual evidence, or resolve the many debates. The pillars of guidance suggested can streamline perception, to focus directly on the actual, to engage subjects with insight, with no need for conclusions, to explore random facts with an open-mind, but inclusive of order to balance the whole of any enquiry.

Note: Many conditioned states are introduced into our being from birth, playing a significant part in our lives.

In summary, a giant spark will be required to ignite a fire of response to implement change, to undergo the practice, to gain efficient action. A marathon task no doubt; time, effort and difficult encounters are not up for judgement. An interpretation of that which is seen and understood by each individual is unique to their psyche and accepted as such. It is also important to be aware of a lesson from the supreme teacher Mother Nature, who reveals that the perception of randomness is regulated by precise order.

Mutation of thought could stoke a fire of intense enquiry; this energy will inspire insight to flow, to a possible profound sequence of understanding. Outlined is the hidden substance in the growth of a simple seed; sown to mature in the evolution of humanity. Like most seeds it will require the right conditions, time to develop, and the strength required for survival.

The universal Olympia is the abode of conscious awareness, where activity is immense. To become aware of peaceful silence is also immense. Therefore questions and answers may cease, replaced by the acceptance of that perceived as is — like the face of a flower; a reflection of beauty at… peace.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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