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The 100th Edition

By George Piggott

The time has come to celebrate the 100th edition of the Phiroz Mehta Trust Newsletter. “Why?”, we may ask. Because the very essence of the many talks given by our founder Phiroz Mehta was concerned with being mindful.

So now is a special occasion for that very important essence to flower. One hundred Newsletters printed and delivered for 25 years is quite an achievement for such a small charitable organisation such as ours.

The Newsletter’s main purpose of course is to transcribe many of the profound talks given by Phiroz Mehta that were recorded onto tape reels into readable format. A formidable task for anyone, due to the serious subjects involved, plus the complexities of the very nature of the wording.

Fortunately this did not deter our trustee and editor, Rosemary Monk, from tackling this daunting task. It is through fortitude and dedication over countless hours and through the wisdom of our founder Phiroz Mehta that we have been given the opportunity of enjoying reading in this quarterly publication extracts from the selected recordings.

Many articles, quotes and verses, of various descriptions, by many readers and members, have been included in each publication. This may be seen as a welcome balanced input, to indicate the “Yin and Yang” when put into symbolic terms.

May we finalise our celebration with a mindful ending: that it would question our mindfulness if we did not recognise the excellent efforts of all the persons involved with the entire project over such a long period. To offer our thanks and appreciation to each, and to say in a caring united plea:

Please keep posting them!”

With deep respect,

George Piggott


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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