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An Enquiring Mind

By Kingfisher

The quotes as aphorisms named ‘Reflections by Kingfisher’ are no more than various realizations over many years by an enquiring mind of an entity in the totality of things.

Attentive observation of nature in particular has had a significant impact in the process of perception and understanding in both silent and noisy moments of mindfulness.

Born a natural ‘rebel’ of presented facts by others, there has always been a compulsive urge to enquire further irrespective of any time factor. To see the actual as a fact was the motivation and the serenity of discovery.

Any contradiction, rejection, or objection to the thoughts or opinions of others, was never an option. Each person is respected, equal and entitled to their own perception and discovery.

May our footsteps echo Peace.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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