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Spring Has Sprung

By Kingfisher

Mother nature, our true mother, has opened her arms wide at last, to embrace her children with abounding grace, love unconditioned and the important, silence! The innocence is the beauty, the fragrance, the total giving of herself. That is her divine nature. Bless her!

Like all children, we revel in her bountiful benevolence, delight in the moment of our respective experiences, but soon many of us will take it all for granted, as most children do. Our limited thoughts will change to dreams of summer, eager to bask and soak up the long awaited hours of warm, even hot, sunshine. The self, ever seeking reward and pleasure.

Then comes the autumn, when Mother nature’s glorious colours demand our attention and we may pause again, to reflect. Suddenly a moment of realization will bring us all back home into her ample bosom. Her infinite embrace, always, the totality of love.

Winter, sometimes harsh, appears as a contradiction to all the joys we have shared and indulged in. But now with more time to be quiet and contemplate during spells of cold, wet, windy conditions it can be seen clearly, that without the required change in our true Mother’s moods, how can she give unselfishly, to each and every particle in her domain.

Such is her profound wisdom and seemingly endless task, too difficult, perhaps, for our human limited understanding. Could the answer be in the greatest gift of life, our consciousness, bestowed at an early moment of change, by our supreme Mother? Empty, but nurtured to grow and blossom, at her “Welcome Home” moment!

In a flash! Consciousness is aware of ‘Oneness’. Emptiness becomes an ocean of bliss, where the loudest noise floats on a tranquil sea of total silence. A universe where movement is change, its shadow, reverence.

Awareness is the garden of joy, a garden of peace. Nourished by timeless compost, consciousness suddenly flowers, free of disturbance. In the aftermath, a brief sense of gratitude and appreciation pervades the mind, as the conditioned state slowly resumes its place of dominance, where memories of words and labels play out the never ending game of ‘Hide and Seek’, fettered by the belief of separateness.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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