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New Seeds

By Laila de Lys

About two months ago, during a Sunday afternoon gathering, Phiroz spoke of the importance we human beings have towards ourselves and others. He specifically drew our attention to the natural abilities a person has, as they are a gift of Transcendence. One of the purposes of human existence is to recognise these abilities and canalize them as beneficial influences in the life of mankind. Often these abilities are like seeds in the desert — they remain static and dormant till the rain comes and they blossom into beautiful flowers. This set me thinking and made me realize that any kind of knowledge we have is only valuable when we share it with others.

Keeping up with the new climate of thought, Phiroz has once again scattered new seeds; it is up to us to nurture them and see that they blossom. If new activities are to emerge, this will inevitably bring debates and perhaps some degree of tension which needs facing up to, but this can be positive. Members are now finding new areas of interest which will encourage people to be more confident, to explore themselves and others, and grow in the real meaning of the ward Hu-Man “The Happy Creator.” The original work of the Trust will remain the inspiration for the exploration and sharing of these interests. However, we must remember that Growth, like Love, cannot be encouraged and then have arbitrary limits set upon its consequences. We, the members, who work together in harmony, are Phiroz’s true students. May we all be blessed by his love that like drops of rain falling fertilizes the soil.


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