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Lend a Hand

By Michael Piggott

Four of one kind
And one of another
And for what is it given
But to reach out to a brother

Fashioned through ages
A material perfection
But lost without guidance
Of a spiritual direction

Bringer of food
Bringer of shelter
Player of music
Writer, sculptor, painter

Slowly it trails
From the boat in the water
Then shades out the sun
From the face of the daughter

Softly and tender
As they care for the sick
Watching out for the feeble
Carried on by the quick

Bringers of life
Into our world
Natures own helpers
Of maternity unfurled

Nothing too major
Nothing too small
For sooner or later
They must attend to it all

Some firm and rough
others soft and unsure
As they point out the way
And open the door

Chords of communion
These miracles of nature
Expressed in their beauty
From a loving Creator


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