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By Phiroz Mehta

May the New Year, 1991, ushering in the closing decade of the twentieth century be blessed with Peace, with Love, with Enlightenment and Beauty. May it see the ending of war and strife, of delusion and folly and of ill pursuits.

The state of the world is the outward expression of our own state. What is good reflects our own goodness, the goodness of each of us as individuals who make up society. Whatever is ill is the inevitable consequence of our own ignorance and wrong-doing in thought and word and deed.

It is our own responsibility to see this for ourselves and not outside ourselves. The externally imposed good leads only to inner conflict. We are creatures of feelings and desires specifically characteristic of each one of us individually. Just as we can see objects only with our own eyes, so too our own perceptions of our desires will tell us the psychical forces which produce good or evil. Parents, teachers and companions may help us or hinder us. Such help or hindrance conditions us. But all conditioning is bondage. Freedom needs Enlightenment which is present only when we clearly see the Truth for ourselves and live by it in thought and word and act.

Seeing the Truth for ourselves is like being like the sun pouring out Light and Warmth and Life, by completely expending its own manifested being. So too let all selfness be transmuted into selflessness.

Thus will we sow the seeds whose flowering will be Peace and Love and Beauty throughout the world.

Blessed be 1991.


Tim Surtell
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