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The Phiroz Mehta Trust Summer School 2002

By Carolyn Martin

Some of us had met up recently, some not for years, but those years dropped away immediately and it was as if the group had met just last month. This feeling was accentuated by the strength of Phiroz’s voice speaking at the Müller House in Elmau in April 1975. More than one of us, listening with eyes closed, felt him sitting there, cross-legged in front of us — and on opening our eyes were surprised not to see him.

Rosemary and Ron had chosen some wonderful talks from that first Elmau School, including the Earth Meditation which was played on the evening of our first full day. Only four days, but such spiritual refreshment. Laughter, tears, serious contemplation, quiet walks in beautiful grounds, deep talks late into the night, renewed bonds of love and respect. Everyone contributed so much, but special thanks to Ron and Ursula for their organisation; to Rosemary for all her work in getting the talks onto MiniDiscs, and to Sylvia Swain who gave a truly thoughtful talk that led to such good discussion.


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