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An Expression of Truth

By George Piggott

To simplify the understanding of an expression of Truth, an analogy of nature is a unique guide, effective, simple and more than helpful. For example:

  1. The spider and its web.
  2. The spider representing the conscious mind.
  3. The web — the whole of life.

The spider, with a natural desire to fulfil its requirements, spins countless webs as a practical guarantee to provide a continuous flow for self-fulfilment.

With feverish effort, the webs are suitably located and securely attached, but they are also flexible and adaptable to inevitable changing conditions. The victims who are caught in this silken magnet struggle relentlessly to escape — many succumb to the sticky entanglement and slowly die. Any damage caused to the web in the process may provoke the spider to increase its activities in repairing the essential environment as part of its very existence — a perpetual treadmill of need and acquisition. Consequently, the spider and the web, together with those unfortunates who are caught up in this triangle of relationships, are never free from suffering in one form or another — whether it be momentary or prolonged — and any intermittent intervals of time which may be considered pleasurable seem in comparison short-lived.

As a result the conscious mind once again embarks upon the search for satisfaction from the endless wheel of need. This can then result in dissatisfaction, pain and boredom, whereby one reaches the point in seeking the answers to those inevitable questions:

  1. What is life all about?
  2. Is there an answer to life’s endless problems and continuous suffering?

It is obvious that over a period of years many problems will occur — in various forms — and it should be accepted that we cannot lead a life entirely free from suffering. We should also recognise that much of the anguish to which we are subjected comes from outside — beyond our influence — and the greater proportion may well be self-inflicted, due to our lack of awareness, and indeed order, in our daily life.

Once again nature in its infinite wisdom may hold the key to those agonising questions. By continuous observation and attentiveness it will reveal a pattern of constant change, apparently at random, yet operating in a Universe of precise order — balanced and harmonious, but like a shadow it is not always directly visible, and it is the understanding of this vital secret that is most important, together with its significance of a holistic Universe.

Deviations severe enough to upset this equilibrium (usually man-associated) could result in devastation with long-term consequences.

This unique pattern has evolved over millions of years, despite nature’s moods of spontaneous change and apparent opposites.

Surely Mankind, with his so-called intelligence, is capable of learning from this Supreme Teacher. Furthermore, it is for our own benefit that we live each day with a sense of responsibility and order, which is of paramount importance to our very existence, and the disturbing day-to-day events in the world around us seem to confirm this proposition.


Awareness and order, together with a balanced perception in our daily thoughts and actions, may well be the answer to our many problems and sufferings — and to see this clearly as an “Expression of Truth” may prevent us’ from being continually caught in life’s sticky web. The Mind, like the spider, is perpetually spinning to our detriment.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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