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Transmutation and Transformation

By Phiroz Mehta

Transmuting is quite different from transforming. When a skilful housewife rearranges the furniture in a room, making it look more inviting and cosy, we I say “you have transformed this room.” The room and the furniture are still the same old room and furniture; only their attractiveness and usefulness have been changed, though the properties of the furniture remain unchanged.

When radium, a radioactive metal, undergoes successive disintegrations, emanating a gas called radon and itself ends up as a lump of non-radioactive lead, we call it a transmutation, for the properties of radon and of lead are quite different from those of radium.

Carbon exists in various gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide; in chalk and bones and in millions of organic substances; in all living matter (living bodies). Graphite is a fairly pure, crystalline form of carbon. The purest form is diamond, a pure crystal of carbon.

The greater part of the human race is enslaved by selfness.

Through the millennia, only the few transmuted that selfness into selflessness, as exemplified by the Founders of the Great Religions and by all true spiritual Teachers. Of the myriads of souls who are like the cheaper, imperfect forms of carbon, only the few change themselves into the priceless, perfect diamond souls who are a constant benediction and light to all mankind.

To effect, this transmutation is a very difficult task, for we are an animal species and every animal species is characterized by two main drives, viz. self-preservation and the preservation of the species.

Because of the drive for self-preservation, we are isolatively and separatively self-conscious, unawakened to the fact-that actually we are inter-related and interactive with not on each other but also with all Nature and the entire cosmos.

If we awaken to this inter-relationship and interaction, Peace and Love, Wisdom and Purity, Goodness, Truth and Beauty would reign through our own lives. Whatever characterizes the individual influences his environment, powerfully at times, and, through the environment the whole world.


Når vi er opvågnen, er vi bevidste om at vi er ren kærlighed, ren bevidsthed. At vi ikke er vores sind og krop. Vi er lavet af det samme stof som i Universet. Celler, atomer og atomarer osv. Vi er guddommelig væren. Jeg er klar over Wooow, der er en anden version af “mig”. Der er en højere vibrations version af mig. Jeg er mere interesseret i det og hvad jeg vil have mig til at forstå, at hver gang jeg bliver trikket, hver gang jeg mærker en sammentrækning i min krop, hvor jeg så skubber min essens væk fra mig. Tager jeg en kompensatorisk handling i stedet, som gør at jeg i stedet bliver, “stærkere”, “smartere”, forlader stedet, eller “besætte” nogen. I stedet for at gøre alt dette, så frigør jeg mig selv. Så snart jeg kan komme til det, når jeg er kommet hjem, finder jeg mit “trikket” stadie. Jeg starter min specielle vejrtrækning, op og ned gennem den centrale kanal, der er fra ovenover hovedet ned gennem kroppen og ned i jorden og omvendt. Mange gange. Og jeg påkalder mig min egen højeste vibration frekvens energi, for at glæde mig fra denne indre kanal. Denne vejrtrækning, “Prana Jama”, kaldes åndedrag af ild, og bliver til en høj vibration inden i mig og jeg er straks i FLOW, ude af mit sinds trængsler. Denne transmuterende vejrtrækningsøvelse giver transformering. Ulla Sorensen fra Danmark. [English translation via Google Translate: When we are awakened, we are aware that we are pure love, pure consciousness. That we are not our mind and body. We are made of the same substance as in the Universe. Cells, atoms and atoms, etc. We are divine beings. I'm aware of Wooow, there’s another version of “me”. There is a higher vibration version of me. I’m more interested in it and what I want me to understand is that every time I get tricked, every time I feel a contraction in my body, I then push my essence away from me. Do I take compensatory action instead, which makes me instead, “stronger”, “smarter”, leave the place, or “occupy” someone. Instead of doing all this, I free myself. As soon as I can get to it, when I get home, I find my “tricked” stage. I start my special breathing, up and down through the central canal that is from above the head down through the body and down into the ground and vice versa. Often. And I invoke my own highest vibration frequency energy, to rejoice from this inner channel. This breathing, “Prana Jama”, is called the breath of fire, and becomes a high vibration within me and I am immediately in FLOW, out of the troubles of my mind. This transmuting breathing exercise provides transformation. Ulla Sorensen from Denmark.]

Ulla Sorensen, 29th April 2022

We only function in 2 percent conscious awareness, whilst 98 percent of our destiny is below the level of our conscious awareness. Our subconcious beliefs, dysfunctional emotional memories affects the experience in our physical reality.

Dr C K, 13th April 2021

This is an interesting discussion. Might I add that I have found a reverse occurrence at times in relation to the statement ‘Whatever characterizes the individual influences his environment’. It has been my experience that the ‘influences in an individuals environment’ tend to shape (consciously or unconsciously) the character, conduct and conversation of their personality. For example, if our environment is ‘the hood’ we are security conscious, smile less with neighbors, do less (to no) outdoor activities, speak more ’street’ language, even dress carelessly. Verses an environment that is more middle or upper class. We feel secure, smile with neighbors, dress carefully, enjoy walking or biking, refine our conversations, and stay outdoors longer.

Jenha, 15th February 2020

What spiritualism lacks most is truth in advertising.

Penvox, 18th September 2017

‘awakening to’ is an internal process; ‘being made aware of’ is an external one.

Stargazer, 31st December 2016

I share your skepticism, skeptic, but I’ll jump in here. I think in this context that “awaken” means more than become aware. Think of it like awakening from a dream. The dream is our animal nature, the awakened state is our divine nature, where we are all part of the same oneness. Or something like that.

Okienomics, 10th December 2016

How is it that awakening to, or being made aware of this interrelationship and interaction automatically makes it possible for peace, love, etc. to ’reign’ in my life? I am aware of the Milky Way galaxy, but that doesn’t make me a star. I am aware that love exists, but that doesn’t mean I love.

A Skeptic, 23rd June 2016

Very accurate, any suggestions how we can reach this desired state which makes us true humans?

Siggy, 10th June 2015

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