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From the Editor

On Sunday afternoon, 21st April, Phiroz Mehta gave a talk at Dilkusha. He said that we must wake up, we are all responsible, and that groups like ours have a specific task, our concern being the coming to fruition of the human race. He also spoke of the meaning of the word “human”, and of Holistic Consciousness as being inclusive of everything manifest and unmanifest, of the difference between Pro-Creation and Creation, and the Silence in which Creation takes place. The Other is me, I am the Other. When the brain stops talking, then Pure Mind will function. One will become a benediction to one’s family, the whole environment and the world.

On Saturday afternoon, 6th July, a talk was given by Dylan Warren-Davis at Dilkusha. The first part was concerned with the Rose, how it symbolizes the unfolding of love, relating to the goddess Venus and to the birth of the Christ-image within ourselves. He then showed us some fascinating Kirlian photographs, and the talk concluded with a necessarily brief but riveting exposition of the art of Cheiromancy. Later a T’ai Chi Ch’uan group, led by Laila de Lys, was held on the lawn at Dilkusha, after which Phiroz Mehta spoke a few words in appreciation of Dylan’s work.


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