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Letter to the Editor

By Eileen Benson

Congratulations on the first Newsletter. It was like receiving a joint letter from many friends.

We are living in very troubled times and we are all reacting. As we express our horror and disgust at what is going on, we are expressing our own form of hate and violence. This is simply adding to the disturbance.

How then do we respond? Naturally with great sadness, with compassion for our Mother the Earth, for the kingdoms of nature, and far the folly of us human beings who have to learn so slowly and so painfully. We are all responsible.

Let us, as a group, be very still, very silent, absorbing all that is happening, not with indifference, but not upset, just understanding. All we can do is to be peaceful within ourselves and then each one of us will be spreading peace throughout the world.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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