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A Tribute to Phiroz Mehta

By George Piggott

The object of the Trust is flowing in gentle movement due to the combined efforts of the Trustees and group members. Their participation and committed contributions on open Days held at 47, Lillian Road and special gatherings at Dilkusha, not forgetting the enthusiastic and helpful response to the much welcomed Newsletters, have been most encouraging.

This is the Aim of the Trust “in action” — in other words, active participation, group members giving of their time, abilities, expertise and natural gifts to share with others, thus expressing the spirit of the Trust, as Phiroz’s message implies. This movement should bring joy to the heart of Phiroz who has given us so much over many years.

We have listened and digested his words of wisdom and compassion. We have also asked many questions, not only on religious subjects but also covering a wide range of topics. The answers have always been a complete explanation, and on various occasions many words have been given detailed study to allow us a better understanding. His humble dedication to our well-being has always involved a sense of humour, endless patience, and above all a selfless, caring love of humanity. An academic and intellectual of small physical stature, but in the hearts of the group members an enlightened, compassionate giant.

May he relax in peace in the knowledge that the seeds of wisdom he has sown may be nurtured and brought into flowering blooms through the ever-growing gentle movements of the Phiroz Mehta Trust — no better way to show our appreciation and gratitude to one who has guided many of us along the pathways of enquiry and fulfilment with selfless endurance.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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