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Man and the Planet

By Paul Marshall

Our planet is a beautiful place,
Soon to be destroyed by the human race,
The beautiful trees! Oh what a shame!
They’re being destroyed by acid rain.
For every false move we make today,
One plant or creature will surely pay.

There’s a hole in the ozone layer,
So the sun shines through and lets in the glare.
The oil slick laps against the shore,
Smothering birds which can fly no more.
Beautiful fish in polluted water,
will slowly die in the dreadful slaughter.

So the whole wide world must now unite,
In order to put all these things right.
There is no time for hesitation.
Let’s join together in co-operation.
People must help in every nation,
And admit we’ve messed up God’s creation.
World pollution is a question mark.
Unless we help, the future is dark.
And if the world did come to an end,
Nothing would live: no beauty; no friend.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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