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Everywhere Shining

By Michael Piggott

He sat by the window
And laughed with the sky
As lovers lay dreaming
And wild geese flew by

The water it rippled
And tossed its white head
It laughed with the living
It laughed with the dead

All around emptiness
Silent and deep
Caressing in waking
Caressing in sleep

See how it stretches
No end to its might
Slow creeper crawler
Majestic in flight

Forceful and gentle
Tearful and stern
All of her features
Changing in turn

Sweetly she whispers
Gently she speaks
All of our hearts
In her heart she keeps

All of our tears
From her eyes have flown
All of our laughter
From her heart has grown

Everything perfect
Everything right
The cat with its spring
The bird in its flight

The master of painters
Musicians and poets
Emperors and Pharaohs
Kings and Stoics

Lord of the night
Lord of the day
Lord of the scriptures
Lord of the way

Burning with beauty
Burning with life
Bringer of goodness
Bringer of strife

Never a murmur
Ne’er a complaint
Bless’d be the wicked
Bless’d be the saint

Ne’er to be followed
Ne’er to be found
In every sight
In every sound

Out of the darkness
Out of the light
Everywhere shining
Everywhere bright


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