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A Moment in Time — A Centenary

By George Piggott

The first day of October 2002 will be the Centenary of our founder and guide, the late Phiroz Dorab Mehta (1902 – 1994).

Perhaps this could be our moment in time, a golden moment in which to pay homage to this rare and unique individual, in quiet reflection to mark this special occasion.

It is not the purpose of this centenary article to outline his many achievements as an academic, scholar and master of the pianoforte. There have been numerous articles written and published regarding his collective attributes over the past years, written by fellow intellectuals conversant with his many interests, and appreciative of his precise studies, assessments and judgments made by those best qualified to do so.

This dedication is about the very essence of the man himself, in relation to the latter part of his life, when he devoted over 25 years in ardent exploration, the path to spiritual awakening. The aim was not a determined effort for self attainment, but to share his revelations in selfless compassion, to give generously the wisdom of his religious discoveries to those who were prepared to listen, or become engrossed in one of his published books.

A Harvest of spiritual goodness was sown during countless moments of his lifetime. This bountiful Harvest was cultivated in the rich soil of the World Religionsin which all were invited to share. The crop matured in the pathless land of Truth.

Golden ears of nurtured grain were gathered and thrashed with tireless energy into flour of spiritual substance. The mature loaves of Wisdom were offered to all who were hungry for guidance and in need of the Bread of Life.

Most important of all, one could enjoy the goodness of his labour in total trust and confidence. The food of life, matured in a pure mind, was given from the Heart.

To be in his presence and partake of this feast was a lesson in humility, each and every morsel contained the innocence of his unconditioned Love.

We pause to look through the window of our Hearts, conscious of his spirit and the teachings, — but remain in the darkness of the unknown. Perhaps in the fullness of time when desire and hunger cease, and the “I”, our constant tormentor, is laid to rest, a deeper understanding will come into being — a special moment in time for each and every one of us — a reflection of his shining light.

This dedication is offered as the theme for silent contemplation, as a mark of respect. If the writer has failed to do justice to Phiroz Mehta on this rare occasion, it will be entirely due to lack of capability. Faced with a request to attempt the impossible, and it was a privilege to be asked, he did his best.

May our footsteps echo Peace.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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