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A 90th Birthday

A tribute to Phiroz Mehta on the occasion of his 90th birthday by George Piggott

Autumn is the traditional time for Thanksgiving by the various farming communities after reaping the harvest of many months of sweat and toil.

Cereals, hard and soft fruits, assorted vegetables, etc., are all part of nature’s produce to be shared eventually by the people. But this is not the end, or the time to relax. Concentration and continued effort towards a new preparation is required. Fields old and new must be ploughed and re-fertilised, orchards, and fruit bushes receiving the same devoted care and attention before the onslaught of winter. When the time arrives for seeds to be sown, one must be mindful of the changing moods of weather, realizing germination will only be successful in harmonious conditions of nature. Moments of anxiety will accompany the hope that the rains will be plentiful, along with ample days of warm sunshine to stimulate growth. Spring with its vibrant energy will herald the explosion of the new. Blossom will be the forerunner of fruition — one is aware of this ever-changing movement.

In Phiroz Mehta we are privileged to receive all the produce of this very productive senior farmer. Toiling with resolute strength of purpose in the field of humanity he has spent countless hours over many years in pursuit of the Truth, the study and enquiry into the ‘Journey of Life’ that each human being is destined to embark upon. Akin to the real farmer in agriculture they complement each other, i.e. the nourishment of the needy. Together they embrace body and mind.

On 1st October 1992, our dear friend Phiroz will be 90 years old, well into the autumn of life, but the generosity to sow seeds of wisdom amongst us never ceases. Some may fall on stony ground. It would be true to say that some of us do not always make good use of that which is given with such compassion. He will forgive us instantly and without prejudice followed by the ever-ready hand of guidance. Perhaps this spontaneous action of giving is the most important lesson we can ever learn from the wise gentleman farmer.

To listen with quiet attentiveness is full of merit, and its value unquestionable, but we listen as separate individuals. We must be mindful that we are parts of the whole, sowe must be good caretakers of the special harvest that has been generously given for the benefit of future fellow travellers, combined with the action of unity, the willingness to share our own small harvest, however meagre, with all those who care to link hands with us on the continuous journey — a silent action, perhaps the right step towards becoming a true human being.

On this note, it will be a wonderful opportunity to have another Thanksgiving and express our gratitude, affection and very best wishes to Phiroz Mehta in his 90th year, with a quiet reminder that his dedication and concern for our well being has not been in vain — we are awake to his message! Nor do we forget those friends who have his daily care at heart; they share our warm thoughts and wishes.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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