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A 90th Birthday

A tribute to Phiroz Mehta on the occasion of his 90th birthday by Professor Noel King

On congratulating our beloved Teacher and Elder Brother, we also recall to mind those who loved and taught him — his mother and father, with their Zoroastrian heritage expressed in every facet of their lives, the gentle Buddhism of his Sri Lankan childhood, the cadenced aesthetic of the Anglicanism of his school and college where natural sciences joined in, the scintillating theosophy of his young manhood, the wondrous stores of beauty brought in by Solomon, European classical music, and by the divine Silvia. Omitting much else that is important, the mind passes on to the learning imparted by those years of introducing oriental thought and philosophy to soldiers and other adults and then to the years of teaching science, rejoicing in the understanding of our place in a co­dependent universe.

Thank you, Phiroz, for being with us. We know you wish to haste away; stay as long as you can. We need you and love you. Ad multos annos!


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