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The Phiroz Mehta Trust Summer School 1993

From the Editor

Elsewhere in the Newsletter a member has given her impressions of the Summer School. A number of tapes of Phiroz’s talks were of course played, but in addition several people made special contributions of various kinds, and the following are a few notes to give members who were not there an idea of the subjects covered:

  • Sylvia Swain gave us two talks, the first entitled “Structure of the Ego”, and the second, which followed later, “Scapegoat Psychology and Metta Practice.”
  • Geoffrey Pullen gave a talk entitled “Exploration of the Chakras”, and this was followed by some guided visualisation.
  • George Piggott spoke on Ikebana, and we also had two practical sessions.
  • Venerable Subbato and Udithe Samanera from Amaravati Monastery visited us for the day, and the former gave a talk on “Awareness” and also led a meditation.
  • Eileen Benson led several Chi-Kung sessions. Ursula Dyke helped us to “get to know each other.”

The Summer School took place at Cuddesdon House, near Oxford, from 17th to 21st June.


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