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Monsoon Approaches, 1st June 1993, Bombay

By Robert Mehta for Phiroz Mehta

Birds swoop and turn,
Vibrant feathers, silk sun-shot,
Ceaselessly spiralling without effort,
Nothing to learn of song or flight,
Borne on sea breeze scented night,
Masters of air and sight.

Sparrow, pigeon, crow and kite
Grace the air in the heat of noon,
And the urgent koel bird’s cry
Heralding the approaching monsoon.

Nature waits, anticipates
The rumbling glow of currents huge;
Electric, expectant deluge
That soothes the nerves and cools
And waters the parched earth,
Bringing a new greening birth.

The old man,
After trying hours of man-made flight,
Following Nature’s recall to his home and land,
Vibrated to near exhaustion but determined
To turn his own full bright circle,
Confused, mystified by his own daring,
Sleeps and sleeps the day and night,
Supported by love of friends
And angels’ wings.
Step by careful step his strength returns;
The final chapter of his life begins.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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