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Changes at the Trust

From the Editor

Stephen Marshall, who has been our Treasurer since the inception of the Trust in 1989 and has done absolutely invaluable work for it, has decided to resign this position due to pressure of other commitments. Whilst we all regret very much Stephen’s decision, we are glad to know that he will be remaining as a Trustee, where his knowledge of legal matters will continue to be of great value to the Trust.

In future the day-to-day bookkeeping will be done by an outside bookkeeper. Our accountants will remain as before, Sherwood & Partners.

William Grice has accepted an invitation from the Trustees to join them as an additional Trustee. Bill knew Phiroz for very many years and attended meetings at Dilkusha. He and his wife Jackie regularly attend the Sunday meetings at Lillian Road. The existing Trustees are delighted that Bill will be joining them.


Tim Surtell
Website Developer and Archivist

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